A youth football team has revealed they were told a parent from an opposing team objected to their child playing against Jewish boys.

After initially not commenting on the matter, Maccabi London FC made a statement last night (October 30) confirming reports that they were informed by the manager of Panthera FC’s U14s that they would be unable to field 11 players because parents would not let kids play.

The statement said: “The manager of the opposing team from Panthera FC informed our manager that four parents of their players objected to their children playing football against Jewish boys.

“This information has subsequently been revised by Panthera to one parent. As you would expect, we take matters such as this extremely seriously.”

The club added that they will be sharing a report with the Herts FA, Watford Friendly League, Kick it Out, Community Security Trust, The Office of HM Government's Independent Adviser on Antisemitism, and Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

They also highlighted a report in Jewish News, which said that a letter from Panthera FC to parents said an ongoing investigation could lead to removal from the club.

“If you, as parents, harbour prejudice of any kind that could affect your child’s experience or our culture of inclusivity, then we must be honest – this may not be the right club for you,” the letter, as reported by Jewish News, said.

In a public statement, provided to theWatford Observer by Panthera, they said they wanted to make it “unequivocally clear” they do not tolerate any form of racism, discrimination, or abuse of any kind.

The two full public statements are available here (Panthera) (Maccabi).

The Middlesex FA has also confirmed it has begun an investigation which will be continuing over the coming days into claims around the reason for the Watford Friendly League U14s game going ahead with 11 players against nine, on Sunday morning (October 29).

Maccabi London FC’s statement added: “Our commitment to security remains unwavering, and we continue to closely monitor and enhance our security measures as the situation unfolds.

“As we move forward, we will keep you informed of our progress in addressing this issue and ensuring that MLLFC remains a safe and welcoming place for all.”