Watford is one of three UK locations to see the launch of a brand new way of watching the Euros… ‘nanzones’.

With England set to play their first game of the tournament this weekend, Asda has announced the launch of the first-ever football fanzones designed for elderly football fans.

The supermarket chain said that more than 1.9million over 65s will be watching this summer but many might find the usual fanzones overly boisterous.

(Image: Asda)

With this week being National Loneliness Week, it shared its plans for the free to enter areas today (June 13).

Asda chief customer officer David Hills said: “Sport has a way of bringing people together like nothing else.

“That’s why we want to use the power of football fandom to help strengthen community spirit this summer – and the nanzones sit at the heart of that ambition.

(Image: Asda)

“Our colleagues and customers really care about supporting the elderly in their communities, and we hope that by encouraging the nation to join our pledge to bring people together, we can help combat loneliness and social isolation.”

The first nanzones will be at Asda Watford, Manchester Eastlands, and Liverpool Arrow Park for the England vs Denmark game on June 20.

The areas will be stocked with food and drink and decked out in footballing decorations.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact: community_watford@asda.co.uk .

(Image: Asda)