An Elton John lookalike with many connections to the star wonders if he might be the Rocketman’s long-lost brother.

Peter Barber, 65, says he is often told how much he looks like Sir Elton but has only recently started taking it seriously.

Although the pair have never met, writer Peter says they have many connections: his family knew Sir Elton, his wife lived in Pinner Hill Road, Elton's street, and they share a love of the Hornets.

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Watford Observer: Picture of Elton: PA, Peter barberPicture of Elton: PA, Peter barber

Peter, who is now married with three children and lives part of the year in Greece, said: “Perhaps he is a long-lost half-brother?

“I don’t remember an older sibling growing up in Watford.

Watford Observer: Picture of Elton PA, Picture of Peter BarberPicture of Elton PA, Picture of Peter Barber

“However, our lives have crossed frequently. In the 1970s my grandfather knew Elton very well and I would visit The Northwood Hills Hotel pub where Elton started his career, but I never attended a gig.”

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