The Flying Scotsman is due in Watford Junction as part of its centenary.

The world famous 60103 locomotive will stop at the Watford station on June 10, 2023, as part of a series of tours marking 100 years since it left Doncaster Works in 1923.

The ‘Cheshireman’ train, steam-hauled by The Flying Scotsman, will travel from London Euston to Chester.

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Passengers from Watford Junction will join by service train at Milton Keynes.

Those on the tour will have the afternoon in Chester before re-joining the train for the return journey.

According to the approximate timings passengers will leave Watford Junction at 7.10am and arrive back at 10.10pm.

Prices for an adults range from £165 to £335, £125 to £250 for juniors and £518 to £1045 for families.

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