A petition to save the Hart & Spool Wetherspoon in Borehamwood has reached 500 signatures in three days.

The petition calls on JD Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin to save the "beloved local establishment" after a spokesperson confirmed The Hart & Spoon will close as the lease is set to expire.

The petition warns that the pub's closure threatens the town's "social fabric" and economy. 

It added: "The closure of this pub would mean more than just losing a place to enjoy a pint; it would mean losing an integral part of Borehamwood's identity and community spirit.

"Let us stand together against this proposed closure and fight for the preservation of our town's social heritage."

A Wetherspoon spokesperson previously said there is no final trading date yet, and that there will be no redundancies as staff will be offered the opportunity to move to another branch in the area.

A pub source claimed staff were reportedly told on January 16 that it will close in early March as it wasn't earning enough money.

The spokesperson declined to comment on why it is closing, or confirm when the lease expires.