Residents have been warned that they may see ‘police’ make an arrest in their road — but it's just for a TV show.

ITV Studios has Hertfordshire County Council’s permission to film in the street in Croxley Green cul-de-sac Bateman Road on Friday, January 26.

The road will be closed to traffic during the day. It was initially set to close during filming from 10am to 10pm but a letter to residents includes an update saying that the hours have changed, and it will be shut from 9am to 7pm only.

“Access for residents will be preserved during this time,” the ITV letter added.

The broadcaster will also be filming in the vicinity from 11am to 9pm on the Wednesday and 10am to 8pm on the Thursday, but no road closures will be in place on those days.

The letter to residents added: “Please be aware we will have scenes involving actors dressed as police, and police vehicles.

“We would like to reassure you that there is no need for concern as these individuals are not real police officers.”

Various scenes walking of characters walking in and out of a house in the road will be filmed, as well as an arrest scene in which a police car will drive on to a private driveway to make an arrest.