Several pubs in and around Watford are looking for new landlords to take over.

Website Find My Pub offers listings for the boozers where the owners are looking for tenants to run them through various agreements that see them take on different degrees of control.

Some of those that feature are closed while others remain open and are simply looking for a successor to take over at some point in the future.

See the list for Watford and nearby towns below:

Estcourt Arms

Watford Observer: The Estcourt Arms.The Estcourt Arms. (Image: Stephen Danzig)

The Estcourt Arms, in St Johns Road, shut down when its landlords left on November 19, 2023.

It was subsequently boarded up while the building’s owner, Heineken subsidiary Star Pubs and Bars, confirmed it would be carrying out repairs to get it back up and running.

It has since shared an advert for the tenancy which would involve minimum ingoing costs of £11,245 and an annual £20,939 rent.

The Western

Watford Observer: The Western, formerly Druids.The Western, formerly Druids. (Image: Google Street View)

The Western, in Rickmansworth High Street, is the “number one venue” for live sport in the town according to its listing.

It is being offered through an operator agreement, meaning whoever takes over would not pay rent but instead put down a £3,000 deposit and receive accommodation at the pub with earnings based on an agreed percentage of sales.

The Plough

Watford Observer: The East, Elstree. CGI showing how it is planned to look after the refurbishment.The East, Elstree. CGI showing how it is planned to look after the refurbishment. (Image: Star Pubs & Bars)

Formerly East, in Elstree High Street, the pub is undergoing refurbishment ahead of its reopening as The Plough but still needs a landlord to take over.

It requires £62,815 in ingoing costs and a £85,261 annual rent.

Old Shepherd

Watford Observer: The Old Shepherd after its refurb in 2022.The Old Shepherd after its refurb in 2022.

18-th century pub, The Old Shepherd, in Chorleywood Bottom, would require £5,000 in incoming costs and a £25,000 rent.

The listing is for a shorter-term 'tenancy at will' agreement, with the potential to move onto a five-year tenancy.

It was refurbished in 2021.

The Oak

Watford Observer: The Oak, Borehamwood.The Oak, Borehamwood. (Image: Google Street View)

The Oak, in Rossington Avenue, Borehamwood, is available on an operator agreement.

Admiral Taverns says it has recently undergone a £280,000 refurbishment leaving it “revitalised” while retaining its “charm”.

It requires a £2,000 security deposit and offers a percentage of weekly sales as well as private accommodation.