CCTV captured footage of an “unbelievable” brazen bicycle thief clambering over a fence before hoisting the bike out of a garden.

Kavillen Oliveira shared images of the thief who targeted her home in Queen's Road, Watford, at around 9am on Friday (June 2).

Hertfordshire Constabulary have confirmed they are carrying out enquiries after the "theft of a pedal cycle" was reported.

Watford Observer: Entering the gardenEntering the garden (Image: Kavillen Oliveira)

The victim said: “I still don't believe how brazen this person is.

“I work hard to buy my own things and as a result this person jumped my fence and stole a bicycle which I bought two months ago, for work.

“I can't feel safe in my own house anymore. It's unbelievable how dangerous Watford has turned in the last three years.”

Watford Observer: Taking the bikeTaking the bike (Image: Kavillen Oliveira)

She added that she had already had a new bike stolen in the same road, in August last year.

She has also previously had items stolen from the front of her house, “but from my yard this is totally unbelievable”, she added.

Watford Observer: Taking the bike out of the gardenTaking the bike out of the garden (Image: Kavillen Oliveira)

In the footage the man can be seen walking to the fence, peering over and climbing it, before grabbing the bike and awkwardly getting himself and his ill-gotten gains out over the fence.

He takes about three minutes from first looking in to get out of the garden.

Watford Observer: The stolen bicycleThe stolen bicycle (Image: Kavillen Oliveira)