A wanted man was arrested after a police chase — because he left papers with his Watford address in the car.

Officers from the Beds, Cambs, and Herts Road Policing Unit said they pursued a Ford Puma to a Watford address before the driver got out and tried to hide in a flat at 12.20am last Friday (November 23).

The force said that the driver thought police would not know which of the Exchange Road flats he was in, but added “unfortunately, he left paperwork in the vehicle for his address”.

Officers added that he was wanted at the time of the arrest.

Confirming the details today (November 27), Herts Police confirmed that a 36-year-old man from Watford was arrested on suspicion of going equipped for theft, drug driving, failing to stop, driving otherwise than in accordance with a drivers licence, and a theft.

The theft charge was not for an offence in Watford.