Hemel Hempstead has been found as the East of England’s happiest place to live — 124 places ahead of Watford.

Rightmove has asked more than 26,000 people across Great Britain how they feel about where they live in its Happy at Home study for 2023.

Watford came 131st in the country and 15th in the East of England region, putting it well ahead of Luton (211th nationally) but behind neighbouring settlements Hemel Hempstead (7th nationally) and St Albans (19th nationally).

Overall, the borough of Richmond upon Thames in London has been crowned the happiest place to live by those that live there. This was the first time the rankings had found an area of the capital topping the list.

Overall, rural residents are happier than city residents, especially those living near a national park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Happy at Home Index asks residents how they feel about their area and was completed this year by over 26,000 people.

Some of the other key trends that emerged from this year’s report include:

Feeling a sense of pride, belonging, and community is most likely to contribute to feeling happy to live in an area, more than having access to things like public transport, schools, and job opportunities.

Around one in three (30%) think they would be happier living somewhere else, with the South West the most popular region this group aspires to move to

To be happier, to move to a bigger home, or to make a lifestyle change are some of the most common reasons people want to move home.