Police have cordoned off a Watford store after the front was destroyed in what is believed to have been a “ram-raid”.

Officers are investigating an act of theft and criminal damage after reports that a vehicle had been driven into the front of Cycles UK Watford, in St Albans Road, in the early hours of this morning.

Herts Police confirmed that enquiries are currently ongoing.

In a picture from the scene, taken at around 12.40pm today (December 21), the shutter and glass frontage had been knocked into the storefront and display items and bikes were left strewn across the shop floor.

Police cordoned off the area and vans arrived outside shortly after the picture was taken.

Security shutter workers had also arrived on the scene and appeared to be working on repairs. One apparently told a member of the public that thieves are believed to have got away with one bike.

Watford Observer: Cycles UK Watford, picture taken at around 12.40pm.Cycles UK Watford, picture taken at around 12.40pm. (Image: Contribtuion)