McDonald’s has asked Watford Borough Council to confirm whether it can open a location 24 hours a day.

Savills, on behalf of McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, has applied for certification that “the proposed unrestricting trading operations (i.e. 24 hours a day) of the restaurant is lawful”, for its 331 St Albans Road location.

According to a covering letter, the building was built as The Hertfordshire Arms pub in 1932 and it was not possible to find original permission for the site.

It was then converted to a McDonald’s in the late 90s without the need for planning permission or a formal change of use.

The application suggests that because no formal planning conditions restricting the operating hours were made, or at least can be found, the council should be able to certify that it can operate 24 hours a day.

It says: “For there to be a valid planning restriction on operating hours it must be imposed by condition.

Watford Observer: The St Albans Road McDonalds.The St Albans Road McDonalds. (Image: Google Street View)

“As set out above, there are no conditions of approval on any relevant permissions which control the use or operations of the floorspace at the application site.

“None of the later permissions relating to the McDonald’s restaurant contain any restrictions on the opening hours.”

The lawful development certificate application for confirmation of 24 hour trading was submitted this morning. It is “pending consideration”, according to the planning portal.

The restaurant is currently open from 5am to midnight each day.