An “invisible” roundabout that became an “accident hotspot” has been repainted.

The markings at the roundabout between Aldenham Road, Woodlands Road, and Bushey Grove Road faded so much that motorists were unable to tell it was even there, according to Bushey North councillor Laurence Brass.

The councillor, who had pushed for the repainting which finally took place on Wednesday morning (February 28), described how “every few weeks” a minor collision took place there.

“It was completely invisible and it's quite a busy junction,” said the Lib Dem.

“People going along Aldenham Road would just zoom along and people crossing wouldn’t know the right of way.”

Watford Observer: The roundabout in Aldenham Road.The roundabout in Aldenham Road. (Image: Cllr Laurence Brass)

The fading markings had been an ever-worsening issue over the past two years and the councillor says he recently even threatened to go out and paint it himself if it was not going to be sorted.

Reaction from nearby residents has apparently been very positive, with one telling Cllr Brass how “thrilled” she was to be able to safely exit her road for the first time in ages.