The original bricks from the Cassiobury Park Gates have been shipped halfway around the world to form the entranceway to a billionaire’s grounds.

The archway above the gates stood for more than 150 years and was originally built as the entrance to the driveway to Cassiobury House before, in 1970, it was decided that it had to go so that Rickmansworth Road could be widened.

Now, 53-years on from the controversial demolition, work reassembling the iconic structure is due to get underway so that it will once again cover the driveway of a sprawling estate.

The under-construction “mega property”, The Park Complex, lies a few miles outside Dubai and its reclusive owner has regularly made headlines without his name ever being revealed to the public.

According to London architecture firm Aprille Fusiliers Ltd, the design came out of a UK holiday the oil magnate went on as a child in the 1960s.

Urban designer Carey Ng said: “On top of our excitement about being involved with such a unique and expansive project, we are also proud to be resurrecting so many iconic British structures as part of the design.

“The client picked out The Cassiobury Gates specifically to be the first thing visitors will see upon arrival after it left such an impact during an ‘unforgettable’ day trip in Hertfordshire with his family.

“We would also like to thank the Watford Observer for their stewardship of the bricks in their basement all these years.”

The Roman Bathhouse pavilion from Birkenhead Park, the Victorian bandstand from Derby Arboretum, and a caravan from the Peak District also feature in the masterplan.