Controversial housebuilding at a gate to Cassiobury Park has been blocked after 94 objections.

The proposal submitted in May involved a detached property to the right of an entrance in Coningesby Drive and its “exceptionally generous” garden plot.

It would have been demolished and replaced with a new house that would leave room for a small road to run past it allowing access to three additional homes within the garden’s boundaries.

This morning (July 9), the council refused planning permission citing five reasons.

It said that the replacement of green space at the edge of the Grade II listed park would be “unduly prominent”, urbanising its edge, and would result in a loss of privacy for neighbours.

Council officers also took issue with cars from four homes needing to cross the pavement by a park entrance to get to parking spaces, adding that bin lorries would be forced to reverse which is against guidance.

Planning documents also lacked an agreement to remove on-street parking entitlement and would not result in a 10 per cent biodiversity enhancement.

Two five-bedroom homes, a three-bedroom house, and a four-bedroom house would have been built.

The site from above.The site from above. (Image: Google Maps/Canva)