A 12-year-old boy was reportedly left "covered in blood" after being stabbed in the arm with scissors at school.

The parents, who did not want their son identified, said he was stabbed in the back of the arm unprovoked by another pupil between lessons at The Grange Academy, in Bushey, on Monday afternoon (November 7).

His mum took him to A&E and reported what happened to police, who have said they are investigating.

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However, the parents say they are “disgusted” that the pupil has been allowed to remain at the school, which is part of the Future Academies trust, and accused The Grange of making excuses when they complained.

The boy's mum said: “I had to rush up to the school to find his shirt sleeves covered in blood and I took him to A&E. It was gruesome. He is going to have permanent scars on his arm.

“The nurse said we are lucky it missed a nerve.

“I’m absolutely devasted, I trusted the school would do the right thing to protect him, but they haven’t.”

A spokesperson for The Grange Academy said: “Earlier this week a student appears to have punctured the skin on the arm of a fellow student after jabbing them with a pair of standard scissors.

“Clearly this shouldn’t have happened. A thorough investigation immediately took place and sanctions were issued in line with our robust policies and procedures.

“In addition, the parent of the child concerned has also notified the police. We will, of course, work with the police when they start any of their own investigations into this matter."

They continued: “As a school we do a great deal of work to help students make positive choices.

“Playing with any sharp item, whether it be in jest or in an aggressive manner, is simply not acceptable – and we will ensure that a strong education programme is delivered to the individuals concerned alongside the significant sanctions they have received.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary confirmed they are investigating after it was reported to them that a 12-year-old boy was wounded in the arm by a pair of scissors and required hospital treatment.

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