Train services from Watford Junction have been cancelled this morning due to overrunning engineering works.

At around 5.50am today (September 28) National Rail reported that the works, near Tring, had not finished on time and have therefore left train lines blocked.

Service cancellations have been reported between Watford Junction and Milton Keynes.

Update: Disruption has now cleared

The resulting disruption is currently expected to clear at around 8.30am this morning, after earlier being expected to return to normal by 7.30am before this was updated at 7.14am.

The 7.13am and 7.53am trains to Tring from Watford Junction have been cancelled and several other journeys are expected to be late.

Routes between London Euston and Northampton/Coventry/Birmingham/Crewe are impacted.

National Rail highlighted that people facing delays today may be entitled to compensation.