Locals can now walk Yellow Brick Road after an official street name change in homage to Sir Elton John.

After a request to change the name of Occupation Road gained traction last year, it came to the attention of the borough council and was finally made real yesterday (November 22) through new signs.

Businesses and residents who access their land via the street, which runs alongside Vicarage Road Stadium, have been informed and do not need to amend postal addresses.

A renaming notice will be issued to all statutory bodies, including Ordinance Survey which updates mapping products.

Roy Moore, founder of the 1881 movement, asked Watford Borough Council last summer about the possibility of renaming it Yellow Brick Road in homage to Sir Elton’s studio album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which had recently been hosted at the stadium.

Watford Observer: Yellow Brick Road sign.Yellow Brick Road sign. (Image: Stephen Danzig)

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said he “loves” the idea and started a poll that gathered around 85 per cent support from over 1,000 people for the name change on July 4, last year.

A council decision to go ahead with the renaming was then published on August 17, 2022. According to the council’s records online, Watford FC were supportive of the plan and Watford Museum registered no objection.

The decision details add that “following the completion of due diligence”, it was determined that “no property owners living on Liverpool Road, adjacent to and in some cases with access to Occupation Road, will be required to amend existing deeds”.

Watford Observer:

The first sign has been put in place and Watford Borough Council has confirmed more are set to follow in the road.

Although homes in one side of Liverpool Road accessed gardens and garages through Occupation Road, there are no homes in the road itself.

A full announcement with more details is apparently planned for next week.